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Soapstone Owl Side Face Small - statue

Soapstone Owl Side Face Small

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Soapstone Owl Side Face Small. 

Soapstone is the name given to ‘steatite’ a metamorphic rock largely composed of talc, high amounts of magnesium and varying amounts of other minerals including chlorite.

Soapstone brings a gentle, calming vibration to your environment, supporting the release of old routines and creates an openness for change and to welcome new possibilities. A stone to promote a willingness to change, to widen your horizons and accept new paths in life. Soapstone is a stone of manifestation with the popular soapstone figurines a reminder of how physical creations are literally carved out of imagination and intentions.

NOTE: Each piece is unique and may vary in design and colours.
Origin: Hand carved in India
Measures: 6 x 4 x 8 cm approx. 

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