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Jizo with Bluebird Statue

Jizo with Bluebird Statue

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Jizo with Bluebird.

Jizo is the protector of women, children, unborn babies, travellers and those of the weak in traditional Japanese Buddhist teachings.

Noble Jizo statue holding a blue bird symbolising peace. Ivory and Blue and comes with story. Also known as Jizo Bosatsu, Ksitigharba; Protection and Benevolence. 

Jizo Bosatsu is a well loved Japanese Bodhisattva. “He who encompasses the earth”. A Bodhisattva is one who stays on earth until all beings are saved. Jizo vowed to help all sentient beings from torment and protect all children. Jizo is often known to be a protective family deity.

Beautiful Jizo is so peaceful and contemplative to look at. Place Jizo where you can be reminded to be mindful and compassionate.

Height: 120 mms.

Colour: Ivory and Blue.