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Diopside Crystal Rough
Diopside Crystal Rough
Diopside Crystal Rough

Diopside Crystal Rough

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Diopside Crystal Rough.

Diopside is a deep emotional healer, releasing blockages that release the flow of tears. Diopside helps to foster the recognition of personal strengths with humility. 

Diopside stimulates the intellect and learning. Diopside enhances recovery from surgery, trauma or severe illness. This stone supports the cellular memory, physical weakness, acid and alkaline balance and hormonal balance. It is beneficial for inflammation, muscular aches and spasm, stress, the kidneys and the heart. 
​Black dipside is useful for support during terminal illness or chronic conditions.

Diopside tones and enhances the healing of the heart, lungs and arteries. This stone benefits the enhancement and healing of the circulatory system and aids in elimination of toxins from the body. Diopside improves blood circulation through the body, it can correct and lower high blood pressure. It will reduce the effect of fever and body aches and pains.

Diopside is an excellent stone for general healing. The green stone works on physical healing, particularly where regeneration is needed; such as after surgery or in healing from physical trauma. It is ideal to use on the heart to assist in healing from heart attack or other physical heart issues. It can be valuable in regenerating the lungs, particularly after damage from smoking or inhalation of poisons. Emphysema and asthma can also be helped.

The black/brown variety of diopside can be used where serious illness or terminal conditions create weakness in the physical body. These can help you in having more physical energy during healing.

Diopside and your feelings. 

Diopside teaches you the value of trust and forgiveness. It will assist you in reconciling with anyone or anything that has hurt you in the past by gently pushing you toward making the initial move.
If you have always felt that you lacked something, but were not necessarily sure what it was, diopside gently assists you to let go the need and be aware of your gifts.

If you feel overburdened or overwhelmed by the problems of life, it teaches you how to live life with appreciation and joy. Diopside promotes and enhances your the ability to feel and honour your real thoughts, emotions and feelings. This stone opens the heart and mind to others by promoting compassion for the suffering of others and yourself.

Diopside is useful as a calmative especially to animals, pets, small children and the elderly. Dipside is beneficial for those who cannot show grief as it shows you that there is nothing wrong in expressing your feelings and letting go.
Diopside increases feelings of compassion by opening your heart to the suffering of others. Diopside assist you in understanding that you have gifts to share with the world and it helps you find them.

Diopside is soothing to the emotions, helping you feel more centred and aligned with the Divine. It is excellent for relaxation, stress relief and finding your emotional centre. It brings emotional renewal and helps you put your problems into perspective. 

Available in small, medium and large sizes. 

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