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Carnelian Crystal Rough

Carnelian Rough

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Carnelian Rough.

Carnelian are stones of action, that will give you the courage and confidence to move forward on a new path in life. This power stone stimulates ambition and drive. Carnelian crystals are beneficial healing crystals for you to utilize to aid the health of the physical body, as it maintains an improved flow of life force energy via the blood. It is a strong stone to accelerate your motivation, and the vibration of this bright orange stone may aid you to clarify your goals, so you can find your best direction in life.

Carnelian is an energetic stone which enhances physical energy and personal power and invokes joy, laughter and warmth as it opens the heart. Carnelian can improve motivation and help you achieve greater success. It is excellent for creativity, manifestation, precision, analytical capabilities and verbal skills. It offers protection from anger, jealousy and fear and brings about peace and spirituality. Physically, Carnelian is said to rejuvenate tissues and cells, aids with rheumatism, kidney stones and other kidney problems, gall stones, colds, pollen allergies and neuralgia.

Qty 1 piece small rough Carnelian. 

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