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Blue Calcite Raw Small

Blue Calcite Raw Small

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Blue Calcite Raw Small.

Most Blue Calcite is opaque, and its color can vary from a very pale light blue, even blue gray shade, through to a brighter blue color. Some stones have white streaks through them and some even have bands of color in various shades of blue. Like other types of Calcite, the blue colored stone is comprised of calcium carbonate, with an addition of other minerals that cause its color. The included minerals have a strong effect on its healing and metaphysical attributes. Compared to quartz crystals it is very soft, and it has an unusual shiny look, with a texture which is sometimes described as soapy or waxy.

Blue Calcite are excellent stones to aid the development of your psychic gifts and may enhance your creativity, and are particularly useful healing stones for when you are recovering from illness. They are helpful healing crystals for you to utilize with a number of good healing attributes and are known as an excellent asset to aid the healing of pain, particularly in the bones and joints. 

Like other types of calcite, this variety helps to boost the flow of energy within your body, and will help to clear negative vibrations from its vicinity, so its good to keep close by. It is a wonderful stone to stimulate meaningful dreams and it may help you to remember them. It also has a specific type of protective energy that makes it a beneficial stone to have in your home or business, to discourage those who may wish to steal from you.

This blue crystal resonates strongly at the throat chakra and has an interesting way of assisting you to see that communication can be more than words. It aids psychic communication, both with your guides and with your clients. An exchange of ideas does not have to be spoken communication. Telepathic gifts are related to being able to know what others are thinking. By understanding unspoken messages, this crystal may help you to realize that how you think can affect the results you may achieve in life. Blue Calcite is a gentle yet powerful crystal, amplifying your intuitive powers, this crystal can increase the clarity of your dreams and reduce fears and anxieties. A stone for communication, allow this crystal to help you express yourself, speak your truth and lose fear of rejection.

Qty: 1 x Blue Calcite Raw piece as pictured. Approximately 2-4 cms. 


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