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Aromatherapy 2Inone Electric Vaporizer - Vaporizer
Aromatherapy 2Inone Electric Vaporizer - Vaporizer

Aromatherapy 2inOne Electric Vaporizer

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The Aromatherapy 2inOne Electric Vaporizer is the perfect addition to any home on a budget!

Suitable to use with:

  • Essential Oils
  • Soy Wax Melts

Safe - Clean - Efficient - Reliable - Water Free

Able to be used in any Australian home (240 volts) although you may order International types (220 volts) also.(You need to state type and country in your email).

How to Use: Operation is safe, simple and convenient. Simply plug the Aromatic 2inOne vaporizer into a standard electrical power outlet and turn on. Allow up to 15 minutes for the vaporizer to reach full operating temperature. Then simply add your favorite pure essential oils/blend or wax melt tart to the bowl.  

Essential Oils directions: Add 8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend to the recessed bowl. Please note: use only essential oils or essential oil blends, as essential oils which are diluted with base/carrier oils will not vaporize.  

Wax Melt directions

  • Remove all labels and packaging from the Wax Melts or Tarts before placing them into the bowl. Please do not overfill. (usually two wax melts are sufficient at a time)
  • Dissolving times of individual wax melts will and can vary with different products. Please refer to the manufacturers details for instructions.
  • No need to add water. 
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

Product Features

  • Self regulated low operating temperature of below 80°C-85°C
  • Maximum Operating Cost is approx. 4 cents per day running 24/7
  • Rated at less than 6 watts of power
  • Eliminates the dangers of naked flame burners
  • Only the recessed bowl of the vaporizer emits heat
  • Will not overheat and remains safe to touch
  • Water is not required to assist vaporization
  • Fully insulated internal wiring system.
  • Easy to clean, use and maintain
  • The ceramic case has natural insulating characteristics.
  • Plugs & Voltage: 2 pin, 240 Volt Australian Plug, although other models can be ordered which meet overseas and European electrical requirements and plugs. Contact me to inquire.  
  • Manufacturer One Year warranty on all electrical components

Measurement: 9 cm (H) x 12 cm (W)

White color. Also available in Seagrass and Black.

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