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Caring for your products

Product Information And Care

Mala Beads, Stones, Crystals and Jewellery.  

Mala beads are intended to facilitate prayer or meditation and the stone beads used are considered to assist with a specific intention of your practice. You can find more information about the intention of your mala beads in the product listing. We recommend storing your mala beads in a cloth pouch when not in use. Mala bead necklaces, bracelets and stone beads can be wiped clean

Cleansing your Crystals.

You can cleanse your crystals and mala beads using moonlight. Simply place on a stand outside at sunset and collect your jewellery in the morning. Crystals love to be grounded so I recommend using a plate or bowl; something made of a natural material and place it on the ground. The moon's energy is highest during a new or full moon but you may bathe them in moonlight any time. Do not stress if it's raining or overcast. Actually, the energy of the moon will still cleanse your crystals as it would normally if not raining or overcast. But I would not recommend putting jewellery where it can be directly affected by the rain.

You can also cleanse your malas by using a sage stick or smudge. As you burn the sage or stick allow the smoke to waft over your jewellery.

Chains & Metal pieces.

Some pieces of jewellery may contain metal  or metal finish including plated zinc alloy, toned copper, sterling silver and stainless steel.  Some of these metals may discolour over time and with use.  To minimise discolouration, please avoid contact with perfumes, moisturiser, hair spray.


Cleaning Diffusers.

Yes they need cleaning! If you find your diffuser isnt working 99% of the time it's because the vibrating disc is clogged with oil residue.

After use give them a good wipe out, every second time I recommend washing it out with hot water and detergent to break down any build up. Dry it out and you are good to go.

If you leave oil sitting in the unit it will CORODE the vibrating disc and damage it, this is not covered by warranty so please make sure you caring for these correctly.