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Black Tourmaline Rough; Small and Large

Black Tourmaline Rough; Small and Large

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Black Tourmaline Rough; Small and Large.

'Protection and Clearing'

Black Tourmaline is a very powerful protective and grounding stone. It protects against all negative energies and negative thoughts, healing on a physical, emotion, mental and spiritual level. It encourages a positive attitude and outlook on life, no matter the circumstances. Helpful for renewing a sense of comfort, ease and positivity, use in meditation and healing to enhance the flow of the energy throughout the body. 

With Black Tourmaline’s protection, not even the worst energy downer can burst your bubble of positivity. Don’t let the bad vibes of others bring you down. Crowded areas like subways, malls or concerts can overstimulate your emotional wellbeing. These raw Black Tourmaline crystals are small enough to place in your purse or pocket, in the car, handbag or living area so you'll be shielded from negative vibes wherever you are. Whether you’re an empath, who is prone to taking on the negative energy of others, or recent incidents in your life have you feeling especially vulnerable to other people’s moods, this black tourmaline is an investment in spiritual security that you don’t want to go without. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for protection and elimination of negative energy. It helps to put an energetic boundary between you and others, so that you don’t pick up unwanted energies.

We also recommend placing a piece of black tourmaline in a bowl filled with salt and water, and setting the bowl outside by your front door. Black tourmaline’s protective energy is also ideal for entryways inside the house, if you can’t place your stone outside or hide it a potted plant. Set a piece of black tourmaline by the front door, inside your home. This will seal off your home, so that any negative vibes that you collected at work or outside don’t follow you into your house.

Other useful ways to use your Black Tourmaline; 

- Place a piece of Black Tourmaline in each of the 4 corners of a room, or at each of the 4 corners of your property, to magnify the protective energy frequency within the space. It creates a protective shield of energy to ensure that no negative energy permeates your space.

- Place a piece of Black Tourmaline by each of your electronic devices, especially your computer, to absorb any electromagnetic energy.

- Place a small bowl of water, with a piece of Black Tourmaline in it, in the main living areas of your home (your bedroom, your living room). This will help to absorb all the negative energy in your space.

- Take four of these black tourmaline chunks with you on vacation so that you can stabilize the energy of your hotel room. It can be a little daunting entering into a space that isn’t yours, and has the culmination of all the energy every traveller has left there. You can add some piece of mind to the equation by setting up a black tourmaline grid in each of the four corners of your room.

Although not typically thought of for this, Black Tourmaline is also one of the most powerful crystals for anxiety. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, or if you're having an anxiety attack, hold large pieces of Black Tourmaline in each hand and you will feel its energy sucking the negativity and bad vibes out of your body.

Qty: 1 piece raw Black Tourmaline as selected.

Small is approximately 40 to 75 grams (3x2x3 cms) approx. Medium is approximately 4 x 3 cms. Large is approximately 60 to 80 grams (5x6x5 cms) approx.

Black variety of tourmaline (schorl). 
Origin: Brazil.

Each piece of raw Black Tourmaline is natural and completely unique. Because they are natural crystals, each one will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

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